About Balance


Balance Better

Throw away the checklists. Flush the “should”. If you’ve wondered why some people gracefully navigate daily challenges while others get stuck in the struggle, we’ve figured it out. Since 2001 Balance Integration has partnered with best-practice organizations to help employees get over the minutia of daily challenges, setting a course to THRIVE. From Google to the NYPD, we’ve adapted paradigm-shifting skills to optimize each corporate culture and each individual within it. We’ve seamlessly implemented wellness, productivity and leadership programming globally, delighting employees of every type and stripe.


Want Better

Whether it’s feeling better, thinking better, or leading better, most of us simply want better. Balance Integration’s tools optimize people and organizations to generate sustainable success, and what could be better than that? We incorporate systems thinking from MIT, creativity from Stanford, and coaching and generative management systems at NYU. Buddhists and yogis inspire our mindfulness and self-inquiry practices. Dietitians and medical experts from many disciplines complete our offerings with western insights on optimizing body/mind. Our powerful, practical and relevant tools range from wellness basics to engagement-focused coaching and workshops.


Build Better

Forget learning to juggle, build your very best. With road tested experience crafting impactful corporate programming strategies and watching the results, we know the secret to creating corporate lifestyle programs that get employees excited and engaged. As carefully as you watch your time and money, we make sure both are well spent on getting you results in the form of metrics that make a difference in your organization and life.

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