Case Studies


Client: NY-Based global financial services/media company, 10K employees

“Please feed the sharks”

  • Industry-leading organizational culture renowned for cutting-edge thinking, moving fast, transparency and relentless attention to outcomes.
  • Strong mix of distinct functional cultures – news, technology R&D, sales to financial organizations worldwide.
  • Aware of skyrocketing health costs and the effects of employee burn-out, the client asked Balance to create and launch an internal wellness brand along with multi-area programming to appeal to the breadth of 10K employees across 10 locations worldwide.
  • Internally branded wellness program emphasizes client values of quirkiness and validity, broad curiosity and careful scrutiny. Integrated, carefully calendared and promoted offerings include biometrics, health immersions, executive challenges, ongoing seminars across fitness/zen/health and integration.
  • Delivery methods are pushed beyond conference rooms and seminars. Employee base is brought into direct contact with wellness concepts throughout the workday, emphasizing powerful but brief intervals for insight rather than requiring work-disruptive time commitments.

Result: Over three years the client has measured over 30K employee touchpoints and has a correlation of lowered cholesterol among program participants, pantry/snackplace redesign, reduced BMI, reduced glucose, and self -reported increase in health awareness across 65% of the employee base and reduced stress levels amongst frequent participants.


Client: The ultimate iconographic luxury brand in ladies wear/accessories/beauty

“True luxury can’t afford to be nasty”

  • Despite steady growth in market-share and revenues, executives at this highly coveted consumer brand recognized the need to re-engage employees with respect to providing a luxury experience to a broader spectrum of the population.
  • Market-studies showed that while their brand remained highly desired, the shopping experience across the board was considered by consumers to be almost too intimidating to bother with. Claims of profiling by sales people added to the concerns by management, especially as wealth is increasingly hard to determine on the surface of consumer appearance.
  • Balance Integration was asked to deliver an internally branded nationwide employee engagement program offered at boutiques across the country and mandatory for ALL boutique employees of any function.
  • Program emphasized core brand values and was interwoven into performance benchmarks and annual evaluations.
  • Program elements were integrated into both individual performance evaluations as well as location evaluation protocols used by retained secret shoppers.

Result: Employees of all level created three primary anchors to their reason for being employed with this client: their own longing for being worthy of the brand, what the brand means to them personally, how that means they should treat others, including co-workers AND window-shopper. Experientially it was so well-received by employees, and effective in creating the desired engagement shift, it was later adapted and deployed in boutiques in Europe/SE Asia.

Client: Marketing services company with 5 locations across the US.

Small must be mighty. 

  • 200 employees engaged in technology-driven interactive marketing services.
  • Our client was experiencing high attrition amongst millennial new-hires and faced the challenge of competing with larger organizations with much more robust employee benefits and cultural offerings.
  • Challenged with space constraints, a highly mobile workforce, limited budget, productivity issues combined with the need to engage employees in sustainable success initiatives.
  • Balance created an internal wellness brand and corresponding programming offering to respond to each of the needs of offices across the country. We integrated traditional offerings (nutrition, fitness, yoga and lifestyle seminars and classes), with the concept of WorkWell – instant wellness breaks instigated by employees as a community-building and leadership cultivation.

Result: Over the nine months since program launch, attrition has decreased by 30% and the program is now extended to assist with internal disruptions resulting from private placement and consequent merger with similar organization.


Client: One of the world’s largest PR firms with locations across the globe.

Finding a sweet spot within a sweat shop.

  • Engagement requires that employees feel their ability to function creatively, making a difference through finding solutions and offering ideas. Like most “creative” organizations, our client struggled to foster creativity THROUGHOUT their organization, as that word had really become the domain of “creative” functions within the firm.
  • Engagement mission: wrest the concept of creativity from the domain of the creative functions. Regarded as a sweatshop and knuckled under by declining regard for PR, our client knew that fostering engagement would require repositioning CREATIVITY as idea generation, adaptability and experimentation unilaterally throughout the organization.
  • Upper management position: the C-suite initially resisted multi class programming, however shifting paradigms requires introduction of new concepts with consistent reinforcement over time. Using employee focus group feedback and examining cultural survey results, we identified four major areas to address through ad-hoc open enrollment programming with job-relevant takeaway assignments.

Result: The classes were at capacity.  The company has since reinvented their own reputation within their industry, winning “top agency” to work for since implementing this programming and has evolved the relationship with Balance to consist of customized, coaching and team specific programming.

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