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  • Balance at AOL – The first Yoga class was great! Kerri is an excellent instructor. She was conscientious on all levels, ailments, pregnancies, etc. - Marilyn Smith, Chicago, AOL Advertising Exec Asst
  • Balance Integration helps us to take time for ourselves; to refocus, rebalance and reduce stress. There are so many possible offerings, that we’ve had no problem finding the right fit for each of our global offices. Our employees love the classes and participation rate continues to increase! Offering these classes lets our employees know their health and wellness is truly important to us. - AOL Executive, Dulles, VA
  • Balance Integration makes such a difference for our employees in Beverly Hills. We’ve had other wellness companies come in and do the same old same old, employees never took notice. With Balance, they make every offering feel like an EVENT, like something you’re lucky to get to go to. I love the thank-you’s and hall chatter I hear after every program! - S.A. AOL Beverly Hills
  • “When I saw that we had Balance Integration coming to the office, I expected a good workout, stress reduction and convenience. I certainly got all of that. What I also came to have from the weekly experience is an intimate environment where I can bond with my co-workers. I have definitely made new friends and broken down boundaries that existed simply because of my participation. The competition of the workplace is definitely left outside the door and there is a tremendous spirit of cooperation within the room. I have found these classes to be surprisingly rewarding on many levels.” - Todd Kapner Manager, Inside Sales, AOL


  • Balance Integration represents the very best-in-class corporate wellness strategy development and programming management available in the market today. They combine creativity, cultural sensitivity, innovation and expertise in a comprehensive scope and breadth of services. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Balance for over 5 years and have been consistently impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise they bring to every challenge and curve-ball thrown their way. I’ve yet to come across another company that brings the same level of service in the wellness arena. - C.Andrews, Global Wellness, Bloomberg L.P.


  • I’m a huge skeptic, but I have to admit the program you facilitated “Insight & Innovation” had a lasting impact that’s rare in my experience. You packed 90 minutes with mega paradigm shifts so that even those of us who have been around the inspiration-block a time or two left the session with new ideas about things we think about constantly. I definitely want to keep in touch with you. Thanks once again for coming out to DCP and I hope we have you back soon and often! - JH, Project Management, Disney Consumer Products
  • “Not only does Balance Integration provide a way to reduce stress, but creates an environment which gives people an opportunity to find balance in the midst of their busy work day. Additional benefit: it works as a morale booster too!” - Robin Eletto, VP Human Resources, Disney Publishing


Google at Play

  • We’ve had yoga off and on for a long time, but ever since you guys came and revamped with new instructors, the room is PACKED! I’d spread the word to other people, but honestly I don’t want to lose my spot! - P.D., Engineer, Google


  • White Plains closing is tough. Most of us have been with Nokia for over a decade so we’re saying goodbye to each other while we look for new jobs. That the company cares enough about us to make this programming available says a lot about what kind of organization they are. - M. N., Executive, Nokia, White Plains


  • “We’ve used Balance Integration at Yahoo for years now & I can’t tell you how many employees say, ‘This is such a great perk that we didn’t even know you had until we started our new job!’” - Beth Lawrence, VP of Eastern Sales, Yahoo


What a few of our happy clients had to say…

When asked what was the best part of the presentation “the whole thing!”

“Animated instructor”

“The workshop was direct, to the point and fun!”

“Tevis was very engaging and it was very interactive”

“Tevis gave me a very useful tool I will use on the job and in my personal life”

“Was very informational and interesting”

“This should be done more often”

“Although I have the commitment to better my health and make more positive lifestyle changes. I believe the incubator program will help serve as a resource and guide map to help me attain these goals”

“This program allows me to be cognizant and supported to make the necessary changes to lead a happy life”

“This helped to better myself and to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is rewarding, I actually enjoy, stick with and want to get out of bed in the morning”

“I know my life and the lives of others around me are that much better when I am healthy, both in mind and body”

“The incubator gave me to tools to take action”

“You ALL rock! I feel fortunate to be able to participate”

“I had come to believe that a woman over 50 I may never lose weight and Tevis heard and answered BULL… She was right”

“I was my main obstacle, incubator kick started me with my program”

“Incubator gave me the answers and the tools to make the necessary life changes, along with having constant support and reinforcement to stay on track”

“This was life changing for me!!!!! I will recommend it to everyone!!”

“The incubator helped me align my life-I am in an excellent point to reverse many years of poor diet, sleep and exercise”

“Incubator was awesome. I am amazed at your program and how it all came together, thank you!”

“The incubator put me on a path for a healthier happier me”

“All the components in order to make a successful program”

“This program lead to positive behavior and attitude changes I was seeking to make”

“I now made a place for wellness on the front burner of my world”

“Helped me discover root causes and develop tactics to overcome them”

“I accomplished a revised main objective of becoming more aware of the attitude and lifestyle changes I would need to make. With the discussions and materials have been effective in enlightening me”

“I learned that I need to address all issues that relate to my physical and mental health, I rate this program and the people who ran it exceptional!”

“My main obstacle was to find the motivation to get started and the Incubator definitely provided that”

“The incubator program improved my skills to be used in my life and at work”

“Saying it was “good”‘ technically it was “GREAT”"

“Please know that I got so much more out of your workshop than I signed up for.  I registered because I was curious to hear about the business of offering yoga and meditation in a corporate setting from an individual with a successful business.  I not only got this, but far beyond!  I was also reminded that my work must be heart centered with the intention to serve and inspire individuals. Feeling inspired myself and focused as I develop materials and programs. Grateful for the opportunity and experience.”

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