VP Strategy and Operations
team2 Emily Czarnecki

Emily Czarnecki is Balance Integration’s strategy and operational leader, optimizing processes to help us grow and scale our business. Her professional experience in both financial and legal sectors provided her with a front-row seat to the impact a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle can have on both happiness and productivity. This observation served, in part, as her motivation to pursue a career in wellness.

Emily is a registered dietitian (RD), has a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University and vast experience counseling patients in both private practice and clinical settings. Emily brings a wealth of both nutrition knowledge and corporate experience to the Balance Integration team and to each account she serves, designing, coordinating and implementing customized wellness programs, nationwide.

Emily is an avid chef, triathlete and yogi. After 10 years in New York City, she relocated to Seattle Washington and is loving life in the Pacific Northwest with her family.

logoround Emily Czarnecki