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The following four categories represent the modalities and topics your employees may feel drawn to learn more about. As your organization’s Chief Life Officer, we invite you to think beyond the typical seminar or lunch & learn and ask us
how we have integrated offerings throughout our clients’ cultures.

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Fitness programming that is fresh and engaging encourages greater participation, better results.
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Making healthy food choices are imperative to leading a healthy lifes tyle. Combined with exercise, a proper diet.
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Making healthy food choices are imperative to leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with exercise.

10 Ways To Reconsider Employee Wellness Programming

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The best thinkers in the corporate world agree that employee wellbeing is paramount to productivity and profitability.However, identifying the issue is the easy part. Integrating wellness into your culture is a challenging undertaking.

It’s tricky to get people to do what’s actually best for them. Overcoming familiar habits like skipping the gym for the snooze button or opting for potatoes au gratin over leafy greens isn’t easy. Encouraging employees to use those dietary insights, workout classes, and meditation tools your team has worked so hard to make available takes time and planning.

We won’t sugar coat it: with so many reasons for employees NOT to take care of themselves, creating a high-functioning wellness program for your workforce may be the most strategy-dependent initiative in all of HR.

With that in mind, here’s what you should be paying attention to when you set up yours.

1. Low Participation.

At Balance Integration, less than 20% positive response is a sign that a wellness offering isn’t at peak performance. This is measured by receptivity — a measure of whether people have expressed interest by committing to showing up.

It is measured by attendance — do they actually show up, regardless of what last minute meetings and emails pop up? Finally, it is measured by survey response — did they care enough about the experience to give you feedback? If you don’t see a consistent participation of at least 20% across these three metrics, you’ve got problems.

2. Stand-Out Communication.

Employees need to feel secure knowing their participation is considered consistent with how the organization defines success. The most successful communication shows how respected leaders in the organization integrate self-care into their career planning, and always emphasizes mutual respect between parties.

3. Program Diversity

If you want your program to yield results beyond checking the “wellness” box, it’s got to fit with the realities of people’s actual work lives. With diverse work flows, varying meeting schedules, and demographic complexities that may make before- or after-work events impossible, you must offer up a variety of formats and schedules.

4. C-Suite Support

Senior management attendance sends a strong message to your workforce about your company’s commitment to your wellness program. Employees don’t have to see leadership in every workshop, but they do need to know the behaviors are valued in your organization.

5. Giveaways

If you count on free stuff to get employees to attend your wellness events, you’re in trouble. Sure, we all love a free lunch or cool water bottle, but the draw of “gimmes” should be used very selectively, in limited quantities, and with an element of surprise to keep people hooked.

6. Your Workplace Should Reflect Wellness

Is your wellness program focused on cultivating healthy habits but your lunchroom is packed with bags of chips and candy bars? Successful wellness programs don’t only exist during the one hour every other week when you host an event. They must become a core element of the way your company functions.

7. Engage Your Audience

Let’s say you’ve got employees in the room for a session you’re offering. What’s the vibe? If your high attendance is a room packed full of employees staring at their phones, the program isn’t working.

8. The Invisible Middle

Every company has what we call the “invisible middle.” These people want to take an active step forward in their wellness, but something about your program hasn’t pulled them away from their desks. These folks are super important as they’re the bedrock of your engaged population, so listen to their interests. Once you hear the invisible middle’s wants, create participation incentives to give them a reason to come.

9. Setting The Bar

If your program sets the bar too high, employees may be intimidated out of trying at all. If your bar is set too low, then—from an employee’s perspective—why bother? The goal is to ensure the largest percentage of your employees have something to gain from your program while having it feel accessible.
Remember: Vary your programming structure to meet the needs of your workforce.

10. Measuring Success

Wellness program should help a person improve a certain aspect about themselves. The program should include multiple touch points that give each participant several ways to measure their success. Make sure there are mechanisms for employees to goal-set beyond weight or BMI.

The most important thing to remember to ensure your program soars is that you are crafting a program for humans. Sweet,
stressed, scared, courageous, complex humans. If you treat them as such, and continue to invest your own time
and energy in participation, you’ve already gone a long way towards keeping it on the right track.

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You learn this tips everywhere by using any mobile, laptop or system because it is compatible with every device.

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Our Testimonials

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  • – Beth Lawrence, VP of Eastern Sales, Yahoo

    We’ve used Balance Integration at Yahoo for years now & I can’t tell you how many employees say, ‘This is such a great perk that we didn’t even know you had until we started our new job!

  • – JH, Project Managment, Disney Consumer Products

    I’m a huge skeptic, but I have to admit the program you facilitated “Insight & Innovation” had a lasting impact that’s rare in my experience. You packed 90 minutes with mega paradigm shifts so that even those of us who have been around the inspiration-block a time or two left the session with new ideas about things we think about constantly. I definitely want to keep in touch with you. Thanks once again for coming out to DCP and I hope we have you back soon and often!

  • – P.D., Engineer, Google

    “ We’ve had yoga off and on for a long time, but ever since you guys came and revamped with new instructors, the room is PACKED! I’d spread the word to other people, but honestly I don’t want to lose my spot! ”