For Wellness Professionals


Joining Our Network

Calling all A-Game wellness professionals!  Whether teaching Zumba is your thing or you’ve spent the past 10 years showing people how to manage their minds through corporate meditation, our ever-expanding network of professionals serving corporate professionals is always open to few more fantastic men and women.

We staff events for corporate clients and conferences across the US, Europe and Latin America, and you never know when you might be our client’s dream come true. Make sure we know about YOU!

For Yoga Teachers

No matter what you think you know about teaching in corporate environments, this training will surprise, delight and inspire you with new insights and practical considerations for both your teaching and for building your own corporate yoga business.

This intensive is packed with counter intuitive insights about teaching in corporate environments.  It has amazed yoga teachers of all levels of experience in respected venues including Omega, Kripalu, OMTime (Denver), Exhale (NY & LA), Yogaworks (NY), Laughing Lotus (NY & SF), and AtONE (AZ). This class is offered in host studios across the country, so check our event calendar or click here to take our online class!

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