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Balance is recognizing how often you feel really good.

For more than a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of busy professionals who work for our client companies to build better lives. Along the way, we cooked up a few ways to work directly with anyone who wants to make a leap towards better living.

Corporateyogis – Our Blog – Tevis and the team riffing on what matters most with guest posts from the experts we rely upon to keep us and our clients on track.

Corporateyogi – Our Twitterfeed - You’ll find we’re always tweeting about cool articles, ideas and events that resonate with wanting the very best in life.

ZenMartinis – Balance Integration’s monthly, gotta-be-there discussion salon. Join together with the brightest minds sussing important topics for powerful insights on yourself and the world around you. Check for upcoming events HERE. Currently in NYC-only, coming soon to a city near you.

I Heart My Job – Our FREE four-week kickstart program to put you back in the drivers seat on the road to your own happiness whether your boss is enlightened or (more likely) NOT. Fall in love HERE.

The Incubator – Launching in Fall 2012, for the first time ever our renowned wellness immersion course will be made available to the general public in an online format with retreat options!  Sign up to be the first to hear about it!

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