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Sustainable Success at Disney Consumer Products

Over 10 years active collaboration serving organizations of every type and stripe has taught us much, holding one truth essential: every organization depends upon the sustainable, effective functioning of human beings as employees. In support of this, we offer the following services:

Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees work better!  From biometric screenings to fitness clinics, Balance Integration creates powerful wellness engagement strategies, and delivers programming seamlessly across multiple markets internationally. Learn more here!

Speakers, Talks & Events

Got a special initiative you want to put a little star power behind?  Whether it’s reminding your sales team of their capacity to rock, or it’s bringing to life a favorite theme your senior team loves batting around, Balance Integration has a complete menu of popular topics we’ll develop and customize to fit your particular needs.  Get a look at just a few of the possibilities here.

Culture Change Initiatives

When you know it’s time for your company to evolve, Balance Integration knows how to get things rolling and what it takes for that movement to be in the right direction. Find out how we work HERE!


Our national team of acclaimed lifestyle coaches are the best in the business, bringing a minimum ten years coaching experience AND ten years minimum experience living a corporate lifestyle so they GET firsthand the challenges of living well and working at your best. Click here to check out how we do it!


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