The fullness of fall…

We moved into chill mode this summer – taking in the warmth of the sun, learning from the shifts of nature.  Not a moment was lost on any of us on our team.  Andy dove into the world of triathlons.  Emily had a baby.  Heather had an epic move across the river.  And Regina in Los Angeles picked up a whole world of new experiences in coming on board.

We’re gearing up for fall with more going on than we could have ever planned or put on a business plan.  Our monthly conversational series, Zen’tinis, kicks in October 7th in NYC.  You can save your spot here:  But that’s just one of our exciting spots on the horizon.  Clients are loving our strategies around resiliency and sleep – if you’d like to learn more, just reach out to me at 9175669464 and I promise to wow you with how we do what we do.  Otherwise, our calendar is full of NYC and national networking events.  Private message me to see the many places we can connect!

Our favorite local executive search maven managed to work us into her blog on crafting the perfect corporation.  Check out her words here:

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