Your job is to help your company get the most out of your employees, something that’s much more likely to happen when they take care of themselves. But it’s no easy task, what with competing commitments such as commutes, relationships, work, whatever is happening in the news, finances or in short: life.

Our job is to help you effectively engage employees in making positive and lasting lifestyle changes so they not only feel better and think better, but lead better as well, and over the long-haul. And we do it easily, taking the brunt of the work off your shoulders and watching your budget as if it were our own.

These days corporate wellness is much more than biometric screenings, lunch-and-learns, and biometrics. We have over 15 years of experience with countless great (and want-to-be-great) companies in creating powerful strategies and offerings that not only bring palpable change to their cultures, but measured impact on employees’ attitudes and lives.

We’ll help you ensure your offering is up to pace with thought-leading best practices, so that you’re not only smart in how you use your budget, but also impactful in delivering relief, inspiration and empowerment to your people in the ways your company values most.

We incorporate systems-thinking from MIT, business creativity methodologies from Stanford, and coaching and generative management systems from NYU. Buddhists and yogis inspire our mindfulness and self-inquiry practices. Dietitians and medical experts round our western health insights on optimizing the body and mind. We seamlessly implement wellness, productivity, and leadership programming globally, impacting employees of every type and stripe.

If you’ve got some humans for whom you want to help enhance their state of being, let’s get going. We know the way.

Strategy Development


    An accurate assessment of a corporation’s current values, statistics, health claims, and desired outcomes is vital to developing a wellness program that resonates with your employees.


    We engage C-level and management executives in supporting wellness initiatives broadcasting a bold, company-wide message reinforcing health and wellness as a supported value across departments and levels.


    Program branding, communications, and scheduling bring your wellness program into focus. By creating a positive buzz and supportive environment, we consistently exceed our projected outcomes in participation and employee impact.


    Once a positive wellness brand and reputation has been established, we build on that momentum consistently offering a broad range of wellness programs motivating your employees to take personal action in pursuit of healthier work and life outcomes.

Program Elements

The following four categories represent a broad array of the modalities and topics your employees may feel drawn to learn more about. As your organization’s Chief Life Officer, we invite you to think beyond the typical seminar or lunch & learn and ask us about all the ways we’ve devised to integrate offerings throughout our clients’ cultures. We’d love to learn about your specific priorities and organizational work flows to create the right content delivery mechanisms for your employees.


Fitness programming that is fresh and engaging encourages greater participation, better results, and ultimately reaches a larger percentage of your office. Boot camp, cardio, and Zumba are always popular but we take it to the next level by offering countless other wellness opportunities like classes in tennis, golf, marathons, cycling and more. Additionally we can implement internally branded ongoing events and groups like walking/running clubs, tele-classes, and company-wide health challenges to name a few.


Mind/Body modalities are a key element to a well rounded wellness program. We are constantly researching and auditing the latest fitness varieties and trends in order to provide sound advice, guidance, and ‘peace’ of mind to our clients. Tai Chi, meditation, massage, yoga series, acupuncture, PowerNap, and Alexander Technique only begin to paint the picture of what we can do.


Making healthy food choices are imperative to leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with exercise, a proper diet allows the body to maintain a healthy weight, reduce chronic health risks, and support every system in the body from musculoskeletal to the nervous system. We offer guidance and programs to pack your pantries with high quality snacks, resourcing of health conscious and quality caterers, to educating your population on the benefits of simply drinking more water. Proper nutrition helps your employees sustain consistent energy to perform at their best throughout the work day and beyond. Simply put, eat better, feel better!

Health Topics

Powerful communication and insightful education on important health issues is the most important and successful tool in producing positive long-term wellness outcomes. By providing all the facts, fiction, and fads around designated health topics, employees experience health education as an exploration and not a lecture. Gathering the top medical professionals in their field, we’ve produced interactive events on topics such as brain health, diabetes, cancer prevention, mindful eating, pre/post-natal wellness, the spine, men/women’s health, and more.

From portals to coaching, acupuncture to Zumba, we help you craft the program that will deliver your desired results.

Contact us for a free 30-minute Balance Assessment to get started.


We manage all aspects of wellness programming including scheduling, vendor resourcing, internal communications, and making sure event day goes off without a hitch. Our team produces all types of wellness events from biometrics screenings, fitness offerings, to creativity clinics. We excel at engaging employees to take action and responsibility for their personal well being and overall health. Healthy employees perform better and enjoy more sustainable success.

Balance Integration offers multi-week lifestyle immersion programs in Resiliency, Healthy living, and Creativity in Business that positively shift how we think about stress, our work environment, and how to truly be healthy, successful, and happy.


The Incubator is a 10-week lifestyle immersion program that inspires lasting healthy behavioral shifts. Launched in 2011, over 600 employees have completed The Incubator, with benchmark biometrics bearing out impactful positive results. Participant goals may range from weight-loss to addressing specific health issues. Through a combination of cohort learning and 1:1 support, The Incubator provides comprehensive tools and reliable guidance to help anyone find their way to a healthy lifestyle.

Momentum: Resiliency Intensive imparts powerful tools to enhance individual resilience. Momentum helps employees understand their particular experience of stress and identify their physical and cognitive stress mechanisms. With that, they optimize their choices to mitigate the impact of stress, and experience sustainable success and satisfaction. Honoring human desire to perform well in the midst of our concrete jungles, Momentum gives employees practices and support to not only survive, but to thrive.

This 10-topic immersion is based on decades of leadership and creativity research by Stanford MBA Professors Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers. Originally called Creativity in Business, for over 25 years it was the highest-rated course at Stanford GSB. Designed to access and heighten problem-solving and innovation abilities, this curriculum removes blocks, enhances perception and generates ideation. It delivers greater collective collaboration, break-through outcomes, and incremental engagement amongst even high-performing professionals.

This 12 week webinar series kicks off with a motivating 90-minute participatory workshop. Employees learn to implement immediate, small, yet life-transforming changes to be at their most effective and joyful. MOJO Makers™ create a "ripple effect" towards achieving a higher goal. New actions are implemented each week, with support and accountability from webinars, peers, email and final 1:1 coaching.


We’ve had yoga off and on for a long time, but ever since you guys came and revamped with new instructors, the room is PACKED! I’d spread the word to other people, but honestly I don’t want to lose my spot!
P.D., Engineer, Google.

I’m a huge skeptic, but I have to admit the program you facilitated “Insight & Innovation” had a lasting impact that’s rare in my experience. You packed 90 minutes with mega paradigm shifts so that even those of us who have been around the inspiration-block a time or two left the session with new ideas about things we think about constantly. I definitely want to keep in touch with you. Thanks once again for coming out to DCP and I hope we have you back soon and often!
JH, Project M anagment, Disney Consumer Products

We’ve used Balance Integration at Yahoo for years now & I can’t tell you how many employees say, ‘This is such a great perk that we didn’t even know you had until we started our new job!
Beth Lawrence, VP of Eastern Sales, Yahoo

Balance Integration helps us to take time for ourselves; to refocus, rebalance and reduce stress. There are so many possible offerings, that we’ve had no problem finding the right fit for each of our global offices. Our employees love the classes and participation rate continues to increase! Offering these classes lets our employees know their health and wellness is truly important to us.
AOL Executive, Dulles, VA

Balance Integration represents the very best-in-class corporate wellness strategy development and programming management available in the market today. They combine creativity, cultural sensitivity, innovation and expertise in a comprehensive scope and breadth of services. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Balance for over 5 years and have been consistently impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise they bring to every challenge and curve-ball thrown their way. I’ve yet to come across another company that brings the same level of service in the wellness arena.
C.Andrews, Global Wellness, Bloomberg L.P.

White Plains closing is tough. Most of us have been with Nokia for over a decade so we’re saying goodbye to each other while we look for new jobs. That the company cares enough about us to make this programming available says a lot about what kind of organization they are.
M.N., Executive, Nokia, White Plains